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Name:The Bone Rosary
Birthdate:Jun 27
Website:The Ark of Eden Community
This is the collective writing and creativity journal for the Ark of Eden multiple system. Content has been imported from the following four separate Livejournal accounts and will be crossposted back to those accounts for the sake of the status quo:

[ profile] ark_lights:
The catch-all creativity center and Projects 2501 outpost which therefore has most of the Unsent Letters and [ profile] novel_in_90 writing. Anything that doesn't fall under the other journals will inevitably go here on LJ.

[ profile] born_of_fate:
For NaNoWriMo 2006, we worked to develop a system of improvisational writing that would challenge the author to work from randomly-generated story components. Using two Tarot decks and an iPod, we developed Dirge Arenas to test out the process. This account includes both the description of the fatewriting system (see the fatewriting entries here on DW) and parts of the DA story.

[ profile] bone_rosary:
On LJ, this account includes only Point Blank Art [SIN] material.

[ profile] shardsofeden:
Research, worldbuilding, and story fragments for the Aedenia project. Note that most of these entries are private, both here and on LJ.

Content prior to May 2009 has been retagged for organizational purposes but is otherwise left as-is; any links to other posts will therefore go to their LJ equivalents.

This journal is also being made available for all Projects 2501 (the intelligent entities that develop, apparently at random, out of our creative process) to use for communication at [community profile] ark_of_eden. In order to keep things clear, this account will include only creative project material; all personal expression will be routed to the community.

--Riss ([personal profile] rain_in_sunshine), [community profile] ark_of_eden.
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